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April 1, 2016|Posted in: DC Life

Nathan Allen is a freshman majoring in international studies originally from Charleston, West Virginia. He began interning on Capitol Hill in January of 2016 and has learned a lot about working in politics. He has especially enjoyed interacting with constituents. 

I’ve always had a deep desire to not only see inside the United States Senate, but to see how it functions in person. However, I also wanted to be one of the hundreds of that run around Capitol Hill, trying to catch the Senate metro on time or giving tours to constituents from back home. I hoped to intern for my senator, Joe Manchin, and speak with people from my state from Washington.

When I got the notification in the mail a year ago that I was accepted into American University, I immediately thought about all the amazing opportunities with which the school presented me and I knew right away that I wanted to intern for my senator. Ideally, I hoped to intern during my first semester, although most people wait until the second semester of freshman year at the earliest. However, I decided to wait and I’m glad I did. It has been an incredible opportunity since the first moment. I’ve been able to see not only how officials meet, but I have also had the chance to see many people from all around my state come into the office to talk to my senator and his staffers. Being able to work at the front desk of my senator’s office has been a very rewarding experience as I have gotten to interact with many members of different groups and, at the same time, been able to develop my professional skills so I can continue interning on and around Capitol Hill.

Nathan was able to closed room announcement by his senator as a part of his internship on Capitol Hill.

Nathan was able to closed room announcement by his senator as a part of his internship on Capitol Hill.

One exciting moment was just recently when my senator announced a new initiative to quell drug abuse.  I was asked if I wanted to attend his speech in the Capitol in a closed room announcement. Seeing my senator give a live press conference made me remember why I chose this internship and why I love it so much. Being able to work with his staff members to put together profiles and speeches for him to give has shown me just how amazing this experience really has been. I will surely miss waking up at 7:30am to get ready to go to the Capitol after this semester ends, but I know I have made deep connections and I have a place I can go back to visit and see the friends I made.

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