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December 4, 2016|Posted in: Uncategorized

Elizabeth Raymakers is a sophomore studying International Studies and History. She is originally from Minneapolis, MN.

As a student at American University, I’m always busy. When I’m not at my internship, class, or studying, there is always things to do on and off campus. It’s safe to say that I’ve never had a boring weekend at American. From parties, nightlife, and meeting new people, the District is never quiet!

Friday and Saturday nights are filled with fun opportunities. If you like to stay on campus, activities such as movie and gaming nights bring students together. On lazy Friday nights after a long week, my friends and I like to hang up a sheet in our room and project a movie, to get that movie theater atmosphere! Friday and Saturday nights on campus are never quiet and people are always out and about socializing. However, there are countless opportunities off campus as well.

While I still live on campus, a lot of my friends live off campus in apartments and houses around campus. On any given weekend night, students are hosting parties for other students to attend. These parties are a great way to meet other students that you might not run into otherwise, and having your friends be the DJ is always fun– and there is always opportunities to dance! Sometimes these off campus parties have themes, such as American night or Mardi Gras. As college students, creativity and thriftiness is key, leading to some pretty creative costumes!

If you want to get away from campus completely, the whole city awaits. Great clubs, many of which are 18+, are all over DC. I personally love to head down to U Street to get my fill of DC nightlife. From smaller venues that focus on great music, to multi-story clubs which play something for everything, there is something for everyone. Once you get tired of dancing, Jumbo Slice Pizza awaits– a must for any night spent out. The slice could realistically feed an entire family, so finishing a slice is a badge of honor.

While great nightlife can be found in any city, a unique perk of living in Washington, DC are the embassy events. Throughout the year, embassies host events that are intended to introduce guests to the cultural aspects of the country. Whether it is learning how to tango at the Argentinian Embassy or a film screening at the German Embassy, there is always something happening on Embassy Row. Last year, I attended an event at the Swedish Embassy which celebrated Ingrid Bergman, a famed Swedish actress. The formal event had live music, drinks, and an opportunity to rub shoulders with the diplomatic elite. The embassy events truly transport you to an entirely different culture. These embassy events, along with clubs, off campus parties, and on campus events are all activities AU students spend their weekends doing. With events happening throughout the city, no American University student can ever claim they’re bored on a weekend night!

Elizabeth and her friends at the Swedish Embassy Party last fall.

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