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What AU Ambassadors Means to Me

January 24, 2017|Posted in: Uncategorized

Jarryd Delaney is a freshman from New Jersey. This is his second semester in the American University Ambassadors program.

As my first semester at American University began last fall, I realized that my pride in AU was unique compared to some of my peers. Yes, almost everyone I met and became friends with had some sort of pride for AU; however, my kind of pride was different. I didn’t just have pride in the sports teams, I didn’t just have pride in SPA or SIS alone, and I didn’t just have pride in myself for getting into a school such as American. I had an overall pride that extended to the ends of the campus and beyond. American University was my top-choice (and dream) school and I needed a way to show to my friends and family just how happy I was to be attending this institution.

Before I even started my first semester at AU, I was already telling my younger friends to apply, how great of a place it was, and how I knew that this was the right place for so many reasons. When I arrived here, I did what I did in high school. I joined several clubs and organizations and met many people who helped me to feel more at home and even more prideful. However, I couldn’t find an exact way that really showed how much AU meant to me—but, then remembered something. I remembered that at almost every college I visited in high school, I met students who gave campus tours, who spoke at different events, and who helped students decide to attend the school. I remembered American University Ambassadors.

It’s true—the AU Ambassadors give tours to students and speak as to why AU is a great school. But when looking back at my experience in choosing colleges, the AU Ambassadors that gave me my tour and spoke to me remained constant in one way: they never once made me feel pressured to come here. They didn’t seem like they were given a script of things to say. Each Ambassador I encountered had real things to say about American. They gave real stories that established my own love for the school. That’s when I knew that AUA was the right outlet for me to express my pride in American.

Now, not only is AUA a great way to express my pride, but it is also a great way for me to do what I love best: help others. By joining AUA, I have been granted an opportunity to speak with high school students about the challenging college decision process. By becoming an Ambassador, I am now able to help students along this process. I am able to give students reassuring words or advice and let them know that so many of us have done it before and so can they.

As an Ambassador, it’s the greatest feeling to come across a high school student who is just as excited about AU as you were at their stage in the game. To see their eyes fill with excitement when they tour campus, or speak with you at a hometown recruitment session, is quite an amazing experience.

Above all, AUA has given me a group of friends that is irreplaceable. The bond that many Ambassadors share is even more unique than our collective pride in the school. We have all laughed together and celebrated together. I know that no matter what, even if my time with AUA has to come to a close for any reason, the friends I have made through this program are some of my closest (and of course, the awesomeness of the AU Ambassadors water bottle and quarter-zip sweatshirt). Being an American University Ambassador has been the greatest privilege of my time thus far at AU and I know that I would not trade it in for anything else.

From left to right, Ambassadors Lily, Dana, Mirsey, and Jarryd ride the shuttle to go ice skating with the rest of the Ambassadors team!

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