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April 15, 2017|Posted in: On Campus

Jozette Allah-Mensah is a junior from Germantown, Maryland studying Journalism!

Being a student at American University and a resident of the DMV area always has its insanely amazing perks. It’s really easy to tell people about it, but here are some awesome experiences I get to be a part of every day or have experienced during my years here!

Arboretum – we have over 200 different plants and species which always makes a walk a beautiful adventure!
Bill Nye – when he came to speak at AU last year, it was the most iconic moment of all of our lives. I will never forget literally everyone in the place chanting BILL, BILL, BILL!
Chi Alpha – a Christian group held in Kay, the spiritual center on campus, which I absolutely love being a part of.
Downtown – The place to be especially on weekend evenings.
Einstein’s Bagels and Bro’s – best bagels on campus, fight me on this one.
Founder’s Day Ball – An annual celebration – literally better than my prom – during the week AU was founded, held at wicked cool places. Previous years include the Air and Space Museum, National Portrait Gallery, and this year, the Newseum!
Georgetown Waterfront – always a beautiful place to go down to (plus Baked and Wired is right near there).
Hype at the games – Just because we don’t have a football team, doesn’t mean it doesn’t get super hype at the volleyball, basketball, soccer matches and games!
Impromptu Carrie Underwood Concert at the Verizon Center – yes because I actually do love country.
Jake Tapper – this legend is visited our school and I was shook. That is all.
Kay A Cappella Concerts – Always a good time jamming to the latest mash ups from our A cappella groups on campus
Library of Congress Cards – we got these through a class, talk about an incredible place to study.
Mac and Cheese Wednesdays at TDR – I flock to TDR an hour early on Wednesdays to experience the golden goodness of Mac and Cheese.
Nostalgia Night – a fun show I was a part of where all we sang was old Disney Channel – think Kim Possible and That’s So Raven!
Odyssey Online – I’m an editor and contributing writer to American University’s chapter of the odyssey online, where we get to write about virtually anything we want through a millennial perspective!
Points of Light – my first and current internship which allows me to write about amazing people who’ve dedicated their lives to volunteering!
Quadding – a verb coined at AU to describe the student masses that flock to the main Quad on gorgeous days.
Ronald Elving – The head of NPR who literally was my first year professor (and wrote me a letter of recommendation for my current internship).
Statues – I think of these as hidden Gems at AU. Many of them are gifts from countries around the world that, in their culture, protect and honor students.
Thai Tea at Megabytes – My favorite thing in this entire world, often mistaken for what looks like carrot juice, I can assure you it’s definitely not.
U-Pass – the best thing to have ever happened to AU, absolutely free metro and free bus fare throughout the DMV makes things so much more accessible than they already are.
Visual Communication Design – A super cool class that taught me about graphic design and how to use it!
Women’s March – One thing that is definitely going down in History that I got the chance to witness firsthand.
Charli XCX – casually came to AU to perform for us.
Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors – An amazing pop up museum that was here for the spring semester and was open to the public. Also makes for bomb Instagram pics.
Zoo – Visiting the National Zoo is always a plus, especially when we get notifications from AU Alert to be on the lookout for an escaped Bobcat.

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