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The Sigma Phi Epsilon Experience

February 23, 2018|Posted in: Uncategorized

Cal Creeden is a sophomore from Newtown, Connecticut studying Political Science and Environmental Science. He has had an excellent experience with fraternity life on campus and has enjoyed being a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

While going through recruitment there were so many things running through my head. I was filled with excitement, nervousness, and uncertainty about what to expect during the process. However, I knew I wanted to do it!

I went through recruitment of Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) fall of my sophomore year. I already knew about three of the guys going into the recruitment events and tried to hover around them until they pushed me to reach out and interact with the brothers I hadn’t met yet. I was so nervous going out to meet all these strangers that the only goal I set for myself was to have one good conversation with some of the guys I didn’t know. Recruitment started out with awkward small talk and trying to get to know each brother felt like a speed dating process. However, all of the awkward minglings worked out and I was able to move onto the next step of the recruitment process: receiving a bid from them. (A bid is something you get when a fraternity wants you back after you’ve also expressed interest). Afterword, everything was smooth sailing. I bonded with the New Member class, met more of the brothers and my future Big, and gained new friendships with people from all across the country, from all walks of life.
If you had asked me a month before I went to that first recruitment event if I ever wanted or had any intention to join a fraternity I would have laughed and said absolutely not, but joining this brotherhood was one of the best decisions of my college career so far.

Through this fraternity, I have built a network and a group of friends that I would have never connected with if it wasn’t for the fraternity. I am an introvert when it comes to meeting new people and SigEp has given me the skills to really put myself out there and grow as a man. We have a great group of guys – everyone is dedicated and determined and we all have such amazing passions and aspirations that we are able to push each other to achieve. Fall 2017, we had the highest GPA of all the social fraternities on campus!

We are constantly doing things together, between bonding events or retreat. We go on a biannual hike in the Shenandoah park on Old Rag Mountain in Virginia. As a hiker, I loved that we do this! We all watched the Super Bowl game together with wings, pizza, and soda, we have all gone to Nationals baseball games together, and we often hang out on the quad on sunny days.

I think one of my favorite parts of our fraternity is our philanthropy. My fraternity raises money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention by holding campus-wide events. Our Fall event is called Camp SigEp. Teams of 7 have the chance to sign up and pay to compete in tons of games including relay races, ice cream eating contests, and egg tosses. Our spring event is a tug of war where teams of 7 sign up and pay to compete against other teams for the title of being the strongest group. We’ve raised tons of money to benefit this association by holding these annual events!

I know this fraternity will be a part of some of my favorite memories of my time at AU and I’m so excited to see what the future holds.

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