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Mar 16

March 16, 2018

Professor Spotlight: School of Communication

Emma Ingram is a junior from Andover, Massachusetts studying Public Relations and Strategic Communication. Her experience in the School of Communication has led to amazing professors and she writes about one that stood out in her time so far below! What makes a professor stand out? Some may say it’s the professor’s knowledge, experience, or structure of the class, and while I believe these are all essential to a strong professor, I also know that a professor who supports their… [Read More]

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Mar 14

March 14, 2018

The Dean’s Internship @ AU

Emma Galasso is a junior from Westhampton, New York majoring in Broadcast Journalism. She’s currently using the valuable skills she’s gained from her classes for her NBC4 Washington internship! This semester I have the pleasure of being a School of Communications Dean’s Intern. I’m currently interning at NBC Washington in the local consumer unit.   Every semester and summer, Dean Jeff Rutenbeck partners with organizations and companies in D.C. to provide academically inclined and involved students a highly competitive internship…. [Read More]

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Mar 8

March 8, 2018

From DC to Canada: An Ode to the Maple Leaf Country

Amelia Crabtree is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Public Health. She hails from the great state of Virginia in a town called Tysons and was super excited to cross the Canadian border for the adventure a lifetime! What do bucket hats, foggy weather, fun slang, and not one but TWO provincial dogs all have in common? Well, they’re things you can easily come by in Newfoundland! Newfoundland, home of the Broadway musical Come From Away… [Read More]

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Mar 2

March 2, 2018

When Business Meets Communication

Jolene Levesque is a sophomore double majoring in Public Relations and Business Administration from Northwood, New Hampshire. In this blog, Jolene writes about her amazing experience in the Kogod School of Business and how it has helped enhance her communications major! I came to American University as a Public Relations major after researching careers that involve communication in high school. American University’s School of Communication requires you to major, or minor, in another school in order to give students a… [Read More]

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Feb 23

February 23, 2018

The Sigma Phi Epsilon Experience

Cal Creeden is a sophomore from Newtown, Connecticut studying Political Science and Environmental Science. He has had an excellent experience with fraternity life on campus and has enjoyed being a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. While going through recruitment there were so many things running through my head. I was filled with excitement, nervousness, and uncertainty about what to expect during the process. However, I knew I wanted to do it! I went through recruitment of Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp)… [Read More]

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Feb 15

February 15, 2018

Buna and Injera and Festivals, Oh My!

Beth Siyoum is a sophomore studying International Studies and Business Administration from Aurora, Colorado. She is the Vice President of the Ethiopian and Eritrean Student Association and loves the culture it creates on campus! The Ethiopian and Eritrean Student Association was initially created to raise funds for the 2016 drought that occurred in Ethiopia, but since then has expanded to bring students from these countries together in social and philanthropic environments. Philanthropy has a key role in the organization and… [Read More]

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Feb 8

February 8, 2018

Digging the Dancing Queen!

Emily Curtis is a junior from Merrimack, New Hampshire studying Political Science. She’s had a fantastic time on the AU dance team! Dancing has always been a major part of my life. I started taking lessons when I was three years old and I knew that when I came to American University as a freshman I had to try out for the dance team. Since joining in the fall of 2015, being a part of the dance team has been… [Read More]

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Jan 23

January 23, 2018

My First College Sleepover

Morgan Stahr is a senior majoring in Communications, Law, Economics, and Government (CLEG) and minoring in Chinese. She had the amazing opportunity of being able to hear a landmark case at the Supreme Court in December 2017! On December 4, 2017, I decided to camp out at the Supreme Court of the United States. This would be my first ever college sleepover where I would wait 15 hours to hear the oral arguments for the case, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado… [Read More]

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Nov 13

November 13, 2017

A Typical Day in the Life of an AU Student

Haley Epping is a freshman majoring in International Studies from Rochester, New York. Hello! My name is Haley Epping, I am a freshman majoring in International Studies. I am going to take you through a typical day for me at American University! My first class is French which is at 8:10 am. I don’t mind getting up early for the class because my teacher is amazing! The class is about 16 students so we all speak a lot of French… [Read More]

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Nov 8

November 8, 2017

Finding a “Joyful Noise” at AU

Joshua Dantzler is a freshman from Rock Hill, South Carolina majoring in Political Science. He was able to find his home away from home through AU’s gospel choir! I come from a musical family. My mother plays the flute and piano, my dad plays the drums, my older sister plays the piano and violin, my twin sister plays the flute, and I too, play the drums. I was told that when my mother was pregnant with my twin and me… [Read More]

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